Campo Del Cielo Iron Meteorite Slice Impact Deformation Crystal Pattern 58.7 G

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About This Auction

Up for auction is a 58.7 gram iron-nickel Campo del Cielo meteorite slice. This slice features an impact-induced distorted Widmanstatten crystal pattern found only in a small percentage of Campo specimens. The pattern is squished and distorted from the heat and pressure of an Asteroid Belt impact. There are some fissures and spots filled with black silicates, carbon and graphite. Several large, black silicate inclusions are present. There are shiny, goldish-colored schreibersite inclusions on both sides. Shreibersite is a rare impact created sulfide mineral that resembles iron pyrite. One corner has a beveled edge.
The 2.75 inch long slice has been polished and nitric-acid etched on both sides. The slice shows off the altered crystal pattern of the lighter and darker colored taenite and kamacite iron-nickel alloys. Classified as a Group IAB Og polycrystalline coarse octahedrite, Campos were rediscovered by


Shipping is $5. You are bidding on the actual item shown in the pictures. Overseas bidders, please message me for shipping costs. All meteorites and meteoritic materials are guaranteed authentic and correctly identified. I combine shipping for multiple auction winners. If you have any questions, please message me and thank you for taking the time to look!

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