Campo Del Cielo Iron Meteorite . Coarse Iron Octahedrite from Argentina.
Very Nice Etched Slice. 118 grams ( 1/4 lb. ) Outstanding Quality and craftsmanship.
Approx .Dimensions : 2 3/4 " x 2 " x 1/4 ".
100% Guaranteed Authentic. Add $6 s/h within US

International shipping will cost $12

Top Quality Campo Del Cielo Iron Meteorite.
This meteorite came from a batch that was recovered deep
within the ground and has been protected over the years
from weathering. As you can see it's in excellent condition.

Soaked in motor oil and heat treated to prevent oxidation.

100% money back guarantee if not completely satisfied !!

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Location: Campo del Cielo, Gran Chaco Gualamba, Argentina, about 500 miles north-northwest of Buenos Aries. Latitude 27 degrees 39 minutes South, Longitude 61 degrees 44 minutes West.
Structural Class: Coarse octahedrite, Og, Widmanstatten bandwidth 3.0 ±0.6 mm.
Chemical Class: Group I, 6.68% Ni, 0
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