CANADA! Prince Edward Island Light Horse 'slip on'RARE!

One of the rarest of the WWII embroidered worsted 'slip on' shoulder strap titles, this to the Prince Edward Island Light Horse this one of a large collection of WWII 'Slip on' titles that I will be offering for sale over the next few weeks. Most of these have light mounting residue on the reverse and most without the linen 'loops'. By Christmas 1939 the 1st Canadian Division was on its way to England, outfitted with all available stocks of 'Battledress'. It was not until 1940/41 that sufficient stocks were available to meet the demands for both the CASF and the 2nd (Reserve) Battalions in Canada. On the introduction of Battledress orders had been promulgated that metal collar badges and shoulder titles in stores could be issued but no new orders were to be placed for the duration of the war. By October 1941 this order was rescinded and tafter only cloth insignia was allowed to be worn on the battledress blouse. Machine woven 'slip on' shoulder titles were produced for every Corps and Regiment of the Canadian Army, those in Britain adopting the smaller 1 ½ inch size, the Canadian patterns being 2 inches. At about this time regiments in the Canadian Active Service Force (CASF) started adopting coloured regimental titles and Corps Troops formation patches with Corps designations. Some non activated Non Permanent Army Militia (NPAM)

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