Canada's Last Penny JIGSAW PUZZLE COIN 2012 BU Cent from Roll Hand Cut Farewell

Son-Montuno Presents....
with the help of master craftsman Jeremy Barrett,
to mark this monumental year for Canada,
One 2012 Canadian "Last Cent" Penny
cut into
- puzzle comes assembled and mounted in a square plastic 2X2 coin case -
Exclusive Son-Montuno Item
(only on ebay and only from Son-Montuno)
Made by master craftsman Jeremy Barrett.
These puzzle coins are so hot that they are selling out faster than Jeremy can make them!!!
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It gives me great pleasure
to offer these incredible jigsaw puzzles made out of the
final year for the Canadian cent by the
Master Craftsman Jeremy Barrett of Coin Cut Art.
When I first ran across Jeremy's work, I was amazed and I am sure you are too!
Each one of these coins is cut by hand with a blade half
the width of a human hair at only .002" thick.
While Jeremy did perfect this process, the pure fact remains, it takes plenty
of time and the skill of a master to make finished pieces of this quality.
Actually, it takes about 2 hours of labor for Jeremy to make this.
You have to be crazy to do this kind of work and Jeremy
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