2 NEW Canadian C-3 M69 Gas Mask & 2 SEALED NBC Filters

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2 NEW Canadian C-3 M69 Gas Mask & 2 SEALED M61 Filters (60mm)

2 New Canadian C-3 M69 with 2 Sealed M61 Filters

Nuclear, Biological, Chemical Protection !!!

These are Brand New High Quality Original Canadian Gas Mask Sealed in Poly Plastic bags.They are constructed of Heavy Duty rubber with round eye pieces and a really effective defogging system with " Voice Amplifier " and 2 SEALED IN PLASTIC screw-in filters.

They are made of BUTYL RUBBER MAKING THEM RESISTANT TO THE EFFECTS OF ATMOSPHERIC OXIDATION. 2 Unissued military gas mask with adjustable head straps, NBC filters The NBC Filter Protects against known

Biological , C hemical and Nuclear agents .

These filters are good until 2024. The Particulate filter is extremely efficient against
particulates and is appropriate for protection against biological aerosols.

Exceptionally high particle filtration capacity and low breathing resistance !!! Lasts up to 8 hours of use, depending on contamination levels. 60mm screw-in filter !!!

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