Canadian Pacific CPR Division Point Models, Brass, FP9A-F9B-FP9A, HO scale

DETAILS : Factory painted Division Point Models Ajin-Built in 2005 Brass Canadian Pacifc Railway (CPR) #1401 FP9A-#1901 F9B-#1403 FP9A . These are models of the units mid-life in their 1963-69 script paint scheme. Ajin has faithfully captured that appearance with a beautiful paint job.

If you missed one of these models the first time around, or said, "I'll wait for the plastic model", you will NOT be disappointed with these models, which are in like new condition, with the exception of two items described below. Wheels on all three units show little/no wear and they run GREAT.

I nexplicably, Division Point Models had the Farr grills on these models painted to match the bodies and added a B to the number on the B unit. Our shops corrected the grills by stripping the paint and they have been replaced and look great. The paint where the B was removed from the number on the F9B has never been touched up as seen in the photos. In addition some light exhaust weathering was done on the roof of the #1403 as seen in the photos.

These models do not have DCC decoders or sound .

The box for the FP9A's has been misplaced and is not included with this sale (we continue to search for the box will forward it to the purchaser at no cost if it is located).

The box for the F9B is included and is in like new condition.
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