Canal Zone J4S, Mint Specimen Overprint, NH OG, Sound & Scarce! E$100+++

Scott #CZJ4S Variety, Mint Sheet Margin Single, 1c, Canal Zone “ Specimen ” Overprint w/Control Punch , American Bank Note Company, Type II, P12, Flat Plate, Issued 1915, Never Hinged, Original Gum.

Couple of separated perforations at the selvage (if it really bothers you just remove the selvage). Fresh and sound specimen that is undoubtedly scarce ( not listed nor priced in the Scott Specialized ). I did see that a few (and I mean few) of the “Specimen” overprints (not of this particular issue) with the control punch auctioned in a Schuyler Rumsey sale back in 2009 I believe. Adding to the desirability of this item is the stamp is never hinged and that’s saying something for the CZ issues which usually have the tropicalized or disturbed gum! As an aside there at the bottom back of the stamp is the authenticator’s initials along with a number which is no doubt the plate position number (the other number is probably the position of this item but it is hard to make it out) – nice! The stamp is a very desirable sheet margin single! The usual 1c starting bid.

2011 Scott Specialized Catalog Value: Not Listed 2011 Estimated Retail Value: $100.00



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