Candlestick Park Stadium seat back #24 Willie Mays San Francisco Giants

This is an original plastic seat back #24 Willie Mays RARE that removed during 2015 demolition .

Comes with Letter of authenticity from authentic stadium seats

When the New York Giants arrived in San Francisco in 1958, they played their home games at the old Seals Stadium at 16th and Bryant Streets. As part of the agreement regarding the Giants' relocation to the west coast, the city of San Francisco promised to build a new stadium for the team. Most of the land at Candlestick Point was purchased from Charles Harney, a local contractor. Harney purchased the land in 1952 for a quarry and industrial development. He made a profit of over $2 million when he sold the land for the stadium. Harney received a no-bid contract to build the stadium. The entire deal was the subject of a Grand Jury investigation in 1958.

Ground was broken in 1958 for the stadium and the Giants selected the name of Candlestick Park, after a name-the-park contest on March 3, 1959 (for the derivation of which, see below). Prior to the choice of the name, its construction site had been shown on maps as the generic Bay View Stadium.[6] It was the first modern baseball stadium, as it was the first to be built entirely of reinforced concrete.[7] Then-Vice President Richard Nixon threw out the first baseball on the opening day of Candlestick Park
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