This was a wonderful bike I enjoyed on lots of rides, southern & northern California. Last rode it a few years back in the Sea Otter Classic in Monterey California. Then soon after switched back to road biking, but recently started up mountain biking again, but with a new bike. Too many bikes now so time to let this one go. I procrastinated selling it as I REALLY LIKED this bike! Especially the front Lefty fork, easy to lock out while on the fly, and overall a very nice bike. I originally purchased it as a low mileage demo from a bike shop on the east coast, and have essentially been the only owner. I had it tuned up a few years back but then never rode it more than once or twice since then. Has new tires & tubes, and other extras as you can see in the pictures that I put on the bike, including upgrading to the Magura Louise high performance front disk (better than the stock front disk that came with bike). I took over 30 high rez pics of my bike, so if you wish to see any other pics or have other questions please ask, or email me. Happy to send along. This bike is in good working condition, but as any aged mountain bike, they get scuffed & scratched up with time, as this bike has, as you can see in the pics. Overall a very nice rider you won't be disappointed with. I'd suggest putting new tubes in the tires, as the tires ... read more