CANOE PORTAGE YOKE PADS For Boundary Waters Trips!

One pair of new Chippewa Canoe Company portage pads for your canoe. You are bidding on the portage pads alone not the wooden yoke that they are attached to in the picture. You can compare these pads with those sold at many canoe outfitters for up to $5000. I would normally sell these pads for $34.99. They are made with 6 inches of foam padding compressed to 3 inches. The outside material is vinyl while the platform for the padding is plywood. The pads measure 8"x 4". T are two built in bolts, two wingnuts and a clamp that allow you to attach these to your canoe's yoke in a matter of seconds. The pads can be attached to a curved yoke or a staight yoke without having to drill any holes, use any tools or alter your yoke in any way. The portage pads are adjustable to fit you right and can be installed or taken off in seconds, allowing you to transfer them to a second canoe at the end of a portage. The pads come in a pair. The pads are very light weight and will add less than 2 lbs to the wieght of your outfit. These are an extremely comfortable pad that will allow you to comfortably carry your canoe on the longest portages. I have used this style pads on many trips to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area.