Canon X-07 Handheld Computer & X-710 color graphic printer - NEW in a box!

Here is a very rare find! New old stock over 30 years back!
Everything is new and taken straight from the factory box.
I have been tested several computers from this warehouse find and all works just fine like these were made yesterday.
Boxes might have slight wear but nothing major. Everything inside is new and never used.
Batteries might have left some minor stains to box inlay and they are not working after 30 years, but batteries are separate from the computer as seen from the picture so computer itself is like brand new and shiny!
Please note: X-710 printer however is untested!
Canon X-710 color graphic printer:
Technical specifications taken from :
Paper : Plain Paper for 114 mm broad printers.
Impression : 16 formats (smallest characters: 80 car/line)
Graphics : X-Y Plotter
Interface : Centronics specifications
Accumulators : Ni-Cd
Print speed : 10 caracters/sec (smallest size)
Dimensions : 200 x 35,5 x 120 mm
Weight : 570g
Please email if any questions !
Shipping with tracking!
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Technical specifications taken from :
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