Canon A35F Range Finder Camera

Vintage Canon A35F Range Finder Camera

A35F - stands for "Automatic (exposure) Flash

The A35F was Canon's first camera to feature a built-in flash. As such the A35F bridges the gap between the venerable Canonet series and the new auto-focus Sure Shots. The A35F's on-board flash in combination with its black finish, do make the A35F look like an early auto-focus camera. Actually, the A35F can be thought of as a Canonet 28 and Canolite flash rolled into one stylish package. It still has pretty fast glass, a nice metal body and a real rangefinder.

In use, the only difference between the Canonet 28 and A35F is the Canonet has a hot shoe and an aperture ring; the aperture settings only come into play if you are using a flash other than the Canolite flash. As you can't use a flash other than the built in one this feature is not necessary on the A35F.

The A35F's viewfinder is bright and easy to use. Aperture settings are reported in the viewfinder with a swing needle but you have to estimate what shutter speed the camera will choose for you. You can be assured that it will be 1/60 or greater but beyond that you're on your own. The 40mm focal length is useful and the lens is nice and contrasty. ASA settings are limited to 25-400 which some may find too restrictive. Power for the exposure setting was provided via a 1
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