CANON SUPER 8 MOVIE FILM CAMERA W/Macro, Inst & Single Frame For Animation

Available is a nice Canon 514XL Super 8 Movie Camera.

This camera is one of the lighter and easier to use Super 8 cameras.

I've shot some nice looking footage with this camera last year but I'm downsizing my film items and offering it here.

It has a quality built multi-coated Canon lens that really makes your footage look its best.

The Canon 514XL has one of the fastest zoom lenses of any Super 8 Movie Camera. It is a very quick f1.4

This camera is great in daylight shooting and since it is an XL camera, it is wonderful for low light/existing light filming too.

The camera body is in very nice shape and the lens is clean and clear with no scratches or haze.

Zoom lever moves a bit stiffly but still works fine. Viewfinder has the ususal few dust specks.

It has been recently used with film and works well , is nice and compact and has some cool features, including.....

Speeds of 9fps, 18fps and 1 (For single frame animation)

Macro Capability- For filming close ups of flowers, insects, phone screens, and other small objects.

Auto or Manual Zoom Control

Auto Exposure Control (with Manual Exposure Hold Option)

XL Shutter- for low light filming

5 to 1 Zoom Range of 9mm to 45mm

Footage Counter

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