Canon XL1s XL-1s Mini-DV Professional Digital Camcorder w/ Extras Fully Restored

Canon XL1s in Very Good Condition Description

Up for sale is a fully reconditioned Canon XL1s Camcorder. It's in Very Good Cosmetic condition. I have three of these, all in the same condition, and each has been maticulously serviced.

Each camera has had General Maintenance performed on the mechanics, with the replacing of common failure parts. Each camera has also been fully aligned to Factory Sepcifications. Each camera is working perfectly - the lenses are clear and scratch free, and all controls and dials work and perform like new.

Years ago, we purchased a large stock of Canon parts, because we knew that soon, Canon would stop selling them. We still have quite a few parts and it's from these parts that we have fully restored these cameras. They are ready to perform for years running - it's what we do.

Each camera has been Professionally cleaned both inside and out, and each camera has had all functions thoroughly tested for proper operation - including the firewire.

Each camera has been maticulously cared for in the repair process. They are fully restored and are ready to perform for YEARS RUNNING - it's what we do and, it's what we're known for.

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