Canonsburg Simplicity China Yellow Rose 5 pcs Accessory

Listing 5 pieces Canonsburg Simplicity pattern (or some call it Temptation pattern or Skyline pattern, don't know why t are 3 names for all the same or extremely similar pattern) Yellow Rose Gravy Boat Accessories in near mint condition. It is a pattern/item that is over 50 years old. T is a gravy boat, a platter, a creamer and a sugar bowl and lid. All described below.

The Gravy boat is approx. 7 3/4" long by 4.5" wide by 2.75" tall. It is in near mint condition, no cracks or chips or cracks in the clear coat glazing, looks like it just came out of the china factory. I can only find 1 small air bubble on the top of the handle. You can use it for a creamer or for a sauce vessel or large gravy boat. .

The large Platter is approx. 13.50" long by 10.5" wide by 1" tall. The platter in very good condition, no cracks or chips or cracks in the clear coat glazing, it does have some utensil marks on the top and if you look real close you can see like small black dots the size of pepper grains under the clear coat but you need to look real close to see them. On the back is the maker's mark, in gold/silver writing, it says Simplicity The Hallmark of Quality with a picture of a Canon, and the words Canonsburg written under the canon.

The Yellow Rose Sugar Bowl & Top are in good condition. IThe sugar bowl and top
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