4 Cap Badges: Bedfordshire 1898-1919 (1916 economy), Leicestershire, Northampton

A cap badge of the Bedfordshire Regiment (1898-1919) in the 1916 economy pattern, gilding metal, 39mm wide by 42mm high (excluding the slider).

Another old Bedfordshire cap badge, pre-1919. In bimetal with two lugs, this is heavily rubbed. The raised edges to the cross are rubbed flat. 41mm by 40mm.

A Leicestershire Regiment cap badge, in bimetal. Well rubbed. 46mm wide by 41mm high.

A Northamptonshire Regiment cap badge, in bimetal. Only light rubbing. 45mm by 41mm.

These are from my father's collection, put together in the mid-1980s, and I have no other details about them.

Please study the photos to assess age and authenticity.