Capacitor Can 40/40/20/20 @550V C22 C-22

If you have purchased a vintage preamplifier and have not changed the power supply capacitors, you have a time bomb on your hands.

Don't fool around with NOS capacitors unless you are looking for trouble.

40/40/20/20 @ 550VGerman Made Authenticap Twist Lock Can, brand new manufacture. Surge capability to 600V. Great for use in the C22. Also for use in the ST-70 and Dynaco MKIII for added capacitance and better base response, and proper voltage rating or anywhere you might need the extra voltage rating not available on USA made caps.

Please read the Disclaimer below before purchasing.


Please note that this is not to be used by inexperienced users. There are high, potentially lethal voltages inside the amplifiers these are used in. If you don't know what you are doing, don't buy this part OR contact us to schedule an installation for you. We provide installation services for all the parts we sell.

We do not take responsibility for personal injury, destroyed or broken preamplifiers as a result of improper installation or lack of knowledge or tools. The guide we provide assumes you already have a knowledge of proper component installation techniques and the proper tools. This is not a trival task. The guide is by no means a detailed step by step installation guide.

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