CAPEHART PORTFOLIO PRINTS -Farnsworth Radio TV ads 1945

Capehart Collection Portfolios A thru F
38 Total Art Prints, ALL NEAR MINT
Still in their original mailing envelopes postmarked 1945
This is a nice find. Portfolios A through F of the Capehart Collection, a beautiful run of reproduction advertising art prints for the Capehart division of Farnsworth Television and Radio Corporation. I know exactly when these were printed/mailed, because all but one portfolio is still in its original protective holder and mailing envelope (all except portfolio F, but that one still was in its protective holder.) These are from 1945, printed on high-quality pebble-textured paper stock, and all in as near mint condition as you could ever hope to find. These are all beautiful and suitable for framing.

I can't be sure if each portfolio is complete or not, but that's my guess, judging from the near pristine, undisturbed condition I found them in. is a complete listing of what is in each portfolio, the name of the piece followed by the artist:

Portfolio "A"
Hallelujah Chorus, Franklin Watkins
Symphony No. 5, Bernard Lamotte
From the New World Symphony, Peter Hurd
Schezade, Sergie Soudeikine
The Magic Flute, Julian Levi
La Vie de Boheme, Bernard Lamotte
Finlandia, Jan Sibelius
The Raindrop Prelude, Bernard Lamotte
Toccata and Fugue in
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