Caplock Percussion Rifle Pistol Full Plans Blueprints!!

This is an invaluable resource and reference tool for the gunsmith, re-enactor, muzzleloader rifle enthusiast, or blackpowder fan! This package contains complete, full-size measured drawings for both a caplock (percussion) rifle AND a caplock pistol. These are generic designs, readily customizable to your own preferences. Included in this auction are 18 pages of large format 11x17 drawings. The drawings include every part of both guns. That includes drawings for the lock plate, spindle, bridle, trigger rod, mainspring, hammer, barrel, ramrod, breech plug, triggers, trigger guards, stocks, springs, screws and more. The stock drawings for both the rifle stock and the pistol stock include a number of full-size cross-sectional drawings to make carving and shaping easier. Specific building or assembly instructions are NOT included in this package, but these drawings are so complete, they leave little to the imagination. All dimensions are clear and readable. These are professionally reproduced on 11x17 paper to be clear and readable throughout. The pages are shipped rolled in a protective cardboard tube to ensure they arrive in perfect condition.

NOTE TO EBAY: This listing conforms to all eBay rules. This is not a gun. These are only copies of historic documents. There are no gun parts for sale here.

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