Capodimonte Enzo Arzenton Laurenz Figurine Veterinarian Statue LZ-38

We have some nice figurines from Capodimonte by Enzo Arzneton. These are all in like new condition, though since they have been sitting on a shelf for many years, there may be some dust on them. We've tried cleaning them up some, but they may need some more cleaning. These were not made with boxes, and will be shipped as you see. They all come with a certificate of authenticity unless noted. Also, each piece is individually numbered from a set amount and will also be noted. We only have 1 of each of these, so if you need them for the holidays, now's the time to get them.

This is the Veterinarian. Piece measures about 8" wide by 11" tall. It is product #LZ-38. This piece is number 90 of 2200 made. It comes with its CoA. NOTE: The tip of the needle has broken off.

If you have ANY questions about our products for sale, please ask BEFORE purchasing. It seems that some of our buyers are purchasing our items assuming things about the product and then leaving feedback based on their own assumptions. We always provide photos of the item you are purchasing, and it will be the actual item or one of our stock. We don't only supply a company stock photo. We also describe our products in detail when necessary, and point out any flaws or damage to packages that are apparent and either can be seen in the photo or sometimes cannot be

Shipping is an estimate of weight plus the item is fully insured. Since these are extremely fragile and expensive, all items will be insured for the amount sold. Also shipping is rather high due to the weight of the piece.

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