Capricorn the Goat - Eyre Designs Zodiac - Bronze Powder Resin - LE - Ret - NIB

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Eyre Designs - Capricorn the Goat - Bronze Fine Metals - LE #2 of 8

2005 Release - Hand-Finished, Numbered and Signed

Created by Master Carver Neil Eyre

Capricorn, the Zodiac Goat , in bronze fine metals was released as a limited edition of 8 pieces in 2005 . This piece is #2 of 8 . This bronze version is cast using a mixture of bronze powder and resin . Capricorn is often prudent and practical . Capricorn is generally considered to be the period between December 22 and January 20 . There appears to be a curled dragon tail on the piece. The bronze version , developed by Neil Eyre , the artist, looks like a bronze metal sculpture and, with the amount of real bronze in the cast, will oxidize slightly . It is a stunning finish ! Carved and hand-finished by Master Carver Neil Eyre , the piece is signed and numbered by Neil on the base.

Other versions of Capricorn include an unpainted version and a hand-painted version . Having carved for many years for Kevin Francis Face Pots, Neil makes his home in Long Island, NY, and creates his wonderful pieces in his studio there. A solid bronze powder,crushed marble, and resin piece, Capricorn is approximately 1-7/8" tall , approximately 1-1/8" wide , and approximately 1-7/8" deep . The bronze powder makes this
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