Carbon fiber custom knife scales blanks 5/16" SKU: 197

Carbon fiber
Custom knife scales blanks
2 pieces 5/16"x 1 1/2"x 5 15/16" inches
(+/- 1/16" width and length)
(each piece sanded on one side only)
(may not be actual items shown, but are similar in every way)
This solid carbon fiber is made up of layers of 670 fabric
in a 2x2 twill pattern, each layer alternating 45 degrees
from the previous layer. One side of each of these
scales is completely flat and has a textured finish
(shown in photo), while the other side has been sanded
flat (not shown). The sanded side pattern may not be perfect
and is not meant to be shown on the knife. This is Aerospace
excess carbon fiber. Very tough and void free.
With a fine grit wet sand paper and water, sand the textured
flat side to just remove the texture . Being very careful
not to sand too much (a common mistake) Check your work with
water or mineral spirits. You should have the 3d look now.
Remove excess thickness from the bottom side of the scales
to achieve final thickness. Or use a liner to increase the
thickness. Do not achieve final thickness by sanding from
the top side of scales,as your pattern may not turn out
as the knife in the sample picture.
Buff or apply finish as desired.
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