Carcassonne plus Expansions 1-3, Mini Expans: Plague, Mage & Witch, Cult, & More

Carcassonne main game w/ expansions 1-3 and mini expansion sets and bonus tiles.

Carcassonne Main Game with The River; Inns & Cathedrals; Traders & Builders; The Princess & the Dragon; The Cult; The Count; Mage & Witch; The Plague; and one Crop Circle bonus tile.

Very good condition.

This set is inside my original Carcassonne box. There are no boxes included for expansions and mini expansions. Interior packaging has been removed so everything fits nicely inside. A little shelf wear on box corners SEE PHOTOS.

I will ship organized by expansion, so you don't have to sort the tiles and pieces. All tiles and pieces are accounted for.

Original instructions included as able. Sometimes the mini expansions came in a magazine or without instructions. If that's the case, I include the magazine pages or instructions I found online.

Happy to answer any questions. Thank you!

Complete game, expansion packs and harder to find mini expansions, including:

- Carcassonne Main Game with The River

o 72 Land tiles

o 40 followers in 5 colors

o Scoreboard

o 12 River tiles

o Included Instructions

- Inns & Cathedrals (Expansion Pack 1)

o 18 new Land tiles

o 8 gray followers for 6 th player

o 6 point score tiles

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