Cardfight Vanguard PALE MOON Japanese Complete Deck Beast Tamer x Hurricane RRR

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I built this deck around Mistress Hurricane and Golden Beast Tamer. It's a fairly straight-forward tank and attack. Mistress's skill will allow you to +1 a card while playing defensively with her continual 11K until ready to ride Golden for +1 card and a 3K bonus to rearguards. Ideally, one would ride Starting Presenter at Grade 1 for his soul charge and Elephant Juggler at Grade 2, before dropping as many cards as possible to fuel his matched soul charge. Any Grade 3 vanguard will do, just don't ride Golden if you can't pay her cost ;)
All cards are in excellent condition with no notable wear. Cards are sleeved . This deck includes extra starters .
This is a Japanese deck - cards are thicker and have different foil patterns than English, oooo~ /( ° o° / )
Includes : 2 Triple Rares [RRR] 2 Double Rares [RR] 12 Rares [R] 36 Commons [C] 50 Clear Card Sleeves
Grade 3s: 2 Mistress Hurricane [RRR] 2 Golden Beast Tamer [RR] 3 Barking Manticore [R] 1 Midnight Invader [R]
Grade 2s: 2 Barking Cerberus [R] 4 Big League Bear [C] 4 Elephant Juggler [C] 1 Hungry Pierrot [C]
Grade 1s: 2 Accurate Mia [R] 2 Skull Juggler [R] 1 Purple Trapezist [R] 4 Darkmetal Bicorn [C] 3 Starting Presenter [C] 2 Pinky Piggy [C]
Grade 0s: 4 Popcorn
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