Cariad The International Kate Bush Fanzine ALL 13 copies Exc Condition Welsh

In this very exciting year in the Kate Speaking world I have decided to sell some of my very best Kate Bush Memorabilia. I am concentrating on keeping my Vinyl only so some of my more esoteric, rare and wonderful bits and pieces will be up for grabs over the next few weeks.

This beautiful fanzine lasted for 13 editions from Summer 1987 to Summer 1990 and went through several name changes.

Editions 01 to 04 were called "Cariad Kate - The Only Welsh Fanzine.

Editions 05 & 06 were Called "Cariad Kate - The International Fanzine"

Editions 07 to 12 were called "CK International - The Kate Bush Fanzine"

The final Edition 13 was called "Never Forever - The Kate Bush Fanzine"

As is typical with all of these things, the size, quality and content of each edition changes as more money is invested moving from A5 photocopied to A4 professionally printed as the edition numbers rise. Produced by Neville Williams and Jonathan Bishop they are full of stories, poems, quotes, interviews, reviews and pictures.. The name changes reflected it's growing popularity away from it's Welsh roots to cover the whole world. In this internet age it is easy to forget how much the dedicated fan would have to rely on fanzines, such as these and the music press for any information about their favourite musician.
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