Carl Brenders MOTHER OF PEARLS Art Print Polar BEAR Cub

Amazing Photo-Realistic Carl Brenders and Mill Pond Press Wildlife Art Print MOTHER OF PEARLS Momma Polar Bear and Her Cubs Snow Winter

PRINT: This is a beautiful Art Print done for Art Houses, Art Museums, and Preferred Galleries. No expense was spared in reproducing this artwork, so you can expect the finest in detail, richness, and color. Printed on a heavy-archival acid-free paper, complete with satin finish, this print would be exquisite framed and matted. This should NOT be confused with a Poster, it is a high-quality print!
ARTIST: When the publisher exhibits Carl Brendersâe(tm) work, they often hear their customers rave about Brender's "photography". People are shocked when they out that Brenders' images are actually watercolor and gouache paintings, rendered in painstaking detail, often with just the single hair of a paintbrush! Brenders is noted for painting in "every detail" of his wildlife images--feathers, hair, leaves, pine needles, etc. His art enjoys international acclaim, and he is widely collected. Moreover, his art is widely published, and he was featured in his own critically-acclaimed book "Wildlife: The Nature Paintings of Carl Brenders."

IMAGE& DETAILS: The image features a truly remarkable painting by wildlife artist Carl Brenders, titled "Mother of Pearls". Done in conjuction with the
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