Carl Zeiss-Jena DF 7x40 BGA Military Binoculars, NR!

This is the model that started it all for Deutsche Optik more than 15 years ago. By any measure, it remains one of the premier low-light field glasses available today. Features include porro prism construction, individually focusing diopters, oversized ocular lenses with long eye relief (excellent for eyeglass wearers), coated optics, internal range reticle (complete with the rare reticle illuminator attachment and case), IR detector in the left-hand optical path, full rubber armor, and attached lens covers fore and aft. Bottom markings include the imprints "Mdl" along with a "7x40" designation and serial number 3411839. The field of view is big, bright, and beautiful, and this is among the most rugged sets of military optics you can find. This one is in superb condition inside and out with just the slightest bit of internal haze suggesting an original unopened unit. Two yellow haze filters are nested in the underside of the ocular rainguard, and the gray nylon neckstrap is correct and current issue. All and all, this is a terrific user's glass and should not be overlooked. Bid hearty, as t is absolutely no reserve. Good luck!