Carlo Robelli, 335 Copy made in Japan (matsumoku)

Do not let this awesome guitar pass by this is from the "Law Suit" era of Japanese copies, they are unike and this one is in great shape for its age and plays great. I am only selling because it is time for a new home for it and time to find something new, you know. I have seen these go for a lot more here on E-bay. I am selling another guitar so take a look at it. Both are from the 70's and both very rare. Condition is better than average for the age, there are no structural issues with it, it has some nicks (minor ones) and surface scratches. Neck is straight, and frets have a lot of life still on them. I believe all electronics are original and hardware with the execption of the tuners which were upgraded to Schallers. Also it looks like one of the square fret markers was replaced, you can only tell because it is just a bit lighter. Pictures are ok do not do justice to the guitar, will try some more outside tomorrow. No serial numbers or markings other than the Japan stamp on the neck plate. From the internet this is what I found:1970's Aria ES-335 Replica The 1970s era Aria guitars were designed to compete with popular American made models that cost much more money. In some respects, they were replicas of the originals. Now that a few decades have passed, many guitar aficionados believe that these Aria replicas are holding up ... read more