Carmelite Nun's Rosary From 1800's Rosary W/Skull 15 Gr

1800's Carmelite Rosary is a fair find in today's world. This is from the 1800's you can tell by the metal crucifix and the center medal. The crucifix is 1 1/4" by 3/4" and is metal & very delicate in the beauty of the intricate detailing of the etched cross with the beautiful and gracious scrolling inside of the cross. The raised Corpus and the back of the cross says France. The center medal is the Sacred Heart of Jesus in raised figure and on the reverse is Regina Decor Carmeli O.P.N. Pray for Us. The Blessed Virgin Mary with Baby Jesus in Her arms. The glass beads are oblong, and 4 sided, and the paters are round and the length is 18" and the circumference is 24" and the drop is 5 1/2". This is a great and beautiful piece of religious antiquity. The skull is carved ox bone. I don't have many more of these fine rosaries, but will still have enought for a little while.