Carnival Amethyst Hat Vase

Carnival Amethyst Glass Bowl. Believed to be a Fenton Piece.

Update: this is the same size and pattern called Pepper Plant Hat Vase in Cobalt Blue that recently sold for $59.75. See item: 130480492474

Dimensions: 2.5 inches H by 6 1/4 inches Diam

There is a hairline scratch in the shape of a T in the bottom. The top of the T is about 1 1/4" long and the bottom part of T is about 1" long. you can feel it when you run your fingernail over it. Can't get it to photograph.

This piece was once owned by a family member who owned an antique store in Bryan, TX. This piece(s) is currently stored in an environmentally controlled storage unit. Prior to December of 2010, the object(s) was stored in wooden crates in a non-climate controlled storage facility.

Shipping - The objects weigh about 0.5 pounds and UPS ground 4 day is about $11.00 for U.S. delivery. However, for $15.00 I will package, wrap, and box your item for shipment. IF THE BUYER PICKS UP THE PIECE IN HOUSTON TX OR I CAN DELIVER IN HOUSTON TO A PLACE/TIME CONVENIENT TO ME, THEN NO SHIPPING APPLIES.

THERE ARE NO RETURNS. We are liquidating an estate. International shipment costs will be evaluated on case by case basis.

I have listed this item(s) to the best of my ability. I do not specialize in antiques/vintage pieces
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