Carnival Glass Chicken


This item was part of an estate bequeathed to me by my late Uncle Floyd, who died peacefully in his sleep at a rest stop somew in northern Arizona late last spring.

Uncle Floyd had a strongly conservative taste in home decor. He had avocado-colored kitchen appliances dating from the early 1960's; gold shag carpet; ugly palette-knife paintings of Chinese Junks, rendered in lurid reds and oranges, of the type last seen in failing motels; and a collection of Johnny Mathis records. My late Aunt Ethel, shortly before her death, took Uncle Floyd to a thrift store w he was shocked to find certain articles of primitive folk art, which violated his aesthetic sensibilities and cast him into a muttering, incont state that lasted for nearly two months.

Regaining his former composure, Uncle Floyd vowed to wage unending war against the kind hateful artifacts he had first encountered at that Goodwill store. When Ethel died, he used their remaining life savings to purchase a large, spacious motor home. He traveled the highways of America, visiting as many thrift stores as he could locate, to buy up the awful relics he so despised, tby depriving others of the opportunity to acquire them and enjoy them. He would wait until the motor home was bursting at the seams with old carved wooden
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