Caroling Kids sing dance Christmas Holiday NEW! Singing

Caroling Kids by Sandra Lee

Available for purchase is one Caroling Kid by Sandra Lee

I Sing! I Sway!!

Get into the Christmas spirit and entertain your friends with this cute little Caroling Kid
~ Her bright Green eyes show through her glasses as she sings her heart out, her expression is frozen in time...
~ Complete Operation and Battery Instructions Included.
~ Requires 3 "AA", 1.5V Batteries (included)

Each Caroling Kids by Sandra Lee comes with their own Carol Book (wrapped in celophane on their wrist). You arrange and place the book in your new Kids' hands as you wish to display her.

In the summer of 1978, the Caroling Kids were born in a small garage in San Diego, California. They are the culmination of an idea to make a gift of love for family and friends.
Now years later, Sandra Lee's Caroling Kids have come to symbolize and represent all the children of the world. Each Caroling Kid expresses the hope and peace of the season.
Sandra Lee enjoys sharing her gifts of love with each of you and hopes that your holiday season will benefit from the tranquility and peace of her Caroling Kids. You too, can share in the gift of love, by finding your own special Caroling Kids and taking them home to brighten your holiday season.
These Caroling Kids are made expressly
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