Carpenter Old Wooden Chicken Crate Brightwood, VA Farm

This auction is for an old chicken crate which was found while cleaning out my grandfather's farm.

From what I have been told these are hard to find especially in this condition. I have not attempted

to clean the item and prefer to leave that to the buyer. It would make a great coffee table or be perfect to add

to any house or resturant with farm decor!!

It measures 23 1/2" Wide x 12" Deep x 35 1/4" Long

It is marked with the following:

W J Carpenter Company

Brightwood, Virginia


Please email me if you would like additional pictures or have questions.

Ebay requires that we now put a price in for shipping. The high bidder will only pay the actual shipping price. When it is boxed up and weighed I will send invoice with the correct amount from my zip code to yours . You may contact me in advance and I will estimate shipping to your zip code!

Brightwood near Culpeper, Orange, Gordonsville, Frederickburg Virginia