Carrera Pro-X 30254 Ford Mustang GT "Highway Patrol" in display case

I will be selling off a large portion of my personal slot car collection. Most cars will be new and if not, their imperfections will be explained in detail, accompanied by high resolution photos. I will be listing cars in groups, so that hobbyists with an interest in specific cars can take advantage of combined shipping.
I will ship international. I've had the pleasure of the years, either through eBay or through the Slot Car Illustrated forum ("FamilyRacer"), to buy and sell slot cars with friends in Germany, Switzerland, Canada, Australia and other countries.
Carrera Pro-X

I am selling off the remainder of my Pro-X cars. Everything you see in the very last photo will be put up for sale over the next days and weeks.

This listing is for probably the rarest and most desirable of all my Pro-X cars, the California Highway Patrol Ford Mustang GT. This is Pro-X digital, for use with Carrera Pro-X digital systems.

I bought this car used, but to hold on to as a collectible. I ran it myself only once or twice. All of the pieces are intact, and in comes in the display case, which includes the original packet of spare braids, guide flag and guide flag stickers. Note: The mirrors are brand new and have not been installed. If you are planning on running this car, do as I did and keep them off the car, especially if you

There are several small marks on the car, but most are too small to show up in photos. I've included plenty of hi-resolution photos so you can see what you are getting. The most noticeable is the mark on the right side of the rear fender. Looks like it got rear-ended by a car that was green. The next most noticeable is in the second to last photo, in the black paint to the lower-right of the tire. Look for the small vertical scratches.

I took photos of all the usual areas of wear that you'd look for on a used car so you can see for yourself the nice condition of this one.

The guide flag mechanism is intact and in good shape, although is looks like the original chrome plating on the magnet has deteriorated. Fairly common for cars of this age.

Even though this car is highly sought after, I am going to keep the starting price at only $9.99 and let the market take its course.

I also have a few Pro-x Formula 1 cars up for auction, which are good for their small digital chips for chipping non-Carrera cars. I also have a RoadRunner, Charger 500 and Superbird currently listed, so please check my other items.

I will be offering combined shipping, and it will work this way:

If multiple cars are won and at least one includes a display case, shipping will be $10 (lower 48)/$15 (Canada) for the first car, plus $5 for each additional car that comes in a case, or $3.50 per car that comes without a case. If none of the cars come with a case, shipping will be $7.00 (lower 48)/$12 Canada, plus $3.50 per additional car.

I will ship international. Friends in other countries should contact me for a quote.

Feel free to contact me if you want more photos or with any other questions.

Thanks for looking!


Shipping charge shown is to continental US.
INTERNATIONAL FRIENDS: I will ship to Canada, UK, Germany, Austria and Australia as well. Sorry for the hassle, but please contact me first for a shipping quote.
Your car will be carefully packed and shipped within 72 hours of receipt of payment. I am a slot car enthusiast, so your car will be packed the way I would want to receive it.
Thanks for looking!

I messed up. Shipping on this car should have been $10 because of the case, but I will honor the $7 price in the original listing.
Also, I will ship this car to Canada, Brazil, Australia, and anywhere in Europe, just like my other listings.

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