You are bidding on 3 girls size 6 pajama sets from the maker Carter's That are pre-owned. The Pajama's are as follows:

1. The first pajama is soft pink in color with the a sleeveless top made of cotton which has pink stitching and 4 multi-colored buttons going down from neck and a little puppy popping out of top of a pink purse on the right upper side of shirt. The pants are a bright colored pink with the same pocket book from top all over pants ...some with puppy popping out some just a plain pocket book. The pants are a stretch waist and are 100% polyester.

2. The second pair is a yellow and orange in color with the shirt in a tank top style with orange on the outline and the straps of the shoulder. The shirt has a slice of an orange on the lower left side of shirt and says the word ,"Squeeze" with a green heart. The shirt has a stitch design on top part with three buttons and has a flair to the rest of the shirt and is made of cotton. The pants are yellow in main color and have whole oranges and orange slices throughout pants. The pants are polyester and have a stretch waist.

3 The third pair is a baby blue and green in color with the shirt being baby blue with a frog and the words;"kiss me" on the middle of shirt. The shirt is cotton and is sleeveless except for small flair off shoulder.
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