Cartoon Pin # 57 - Looney Toons - Tweety

Cartoon Pin

Cartoon From: Looney Toons

Cartoon Character Name: Tweety

All pins are new in plastic. See picture for more details. These all are made from metal and have a backing clip attachment.

This is perfect for any anime fan. I know I'm one are you?

Shipping Discounts:

USA: For each additional pin won shipping will be $1.

International: For each additional pin won shipping will also be $1.

All must be paid in 1 transaction to receive discounts; please wait for the invoice before paying.

If you wanna help me make this auction complete please help me find the missing pieces such as where this anime character is from and or the character's name. Once I confirm it I will fix the auction(s). Thanks for lending a helping hand :D

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