CARTOONIST: H.T. Webster. "The Timid Soul

HAROLD TUCKER WEBSTER (1885-1953). American cartoonist. Drew "Poker Portraits" and "Life's Darkest Moment" for the New York Tribune beginning in 1912. Later added his best known "The Timid Soul". Original drawing, signed, 11.75" x 12.5", no date, of "Life's Darkest Moment". Single frame original drawing, in black ink on medium board and signed in lower right corner, of 18 year old office boy standing nonplussed before his employer who says: "What's that? You want the signature on that letter from Senator Stuffshirt? Sorry but I threw it away. Why Elmer, I didn't know you were one of these autograph fiends. My son Tom used to collect 'em. He had thousands of 'em. Movie stars, authors, baseball players, prime ministers, presidents and flagpole sitters. Well, he took it all quite seriously while he was a child. But when he was 15 he realized how silly it was and pitched 'em into the furnace. I suppose autograph collecting is a phase every child must go through. How old are you, Elmer?". Above the drawing is pasted the cartoon's title cut from the New York Tribune. AUTHENTICITY IS UNCONDITIONALLY GUARANTEED. Should an item not be as described it may be returned for a full refund. Sales receipt is your certificate of authenticity. Multiple purchases may be combined for shipment. WE WILL ADVISE YOU OF SHIPPING CHARGES. All shipments to ... read more