Cartoonist PROfiles lot of 11 magazines 1980-88

Lotof 11 “Cartoonist PROfiles” magazines

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Description: This no reserve lot features 11 of the following Cartoonist PROfiles magazines in acceptable condition ranging in years from 1980-1988.

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The 11 issues are:

March 1980, No. 45, Pope John Paul II cover (note: cover banner is cut out, see pic)
contents: John Darling, Chuck Jones, Said & Dunn, Gordon Campbell, The Tintin Stamp,
Drabble, Editorial Cartoonist Frank Evers, Harry Love, Museum of Cartoon Art News,
Cartoonists Club of Great Britain, Grim Natwick, I. Klein Column, Festival of Trees, Jack Markow's column

Sept. 1980, No. 47, Blondie cover
contents: Frank Modell, Blondie, Carey Orr, Quiz Features, Museum News,
Work Faster, Alley Oop, Phil Steele, Koky, Grim Natwick, Said & Dunn, Etta Hulme
March 1981, No 49, Dallas cover
contents: JR and Dallas, Expocon, Preston Blair, Zim Autobiography, Howard Bougner,
'Ding' Darling, Grim Natwick, Johnny Hart, Kit 'N' Carlyle, Said & Dunn, Hank Ketcham,
Cartoon Museum, Tex Avery, Ghosting, Duncan Macpherson

Sept. 1982, No. 55, Gore Vidal @ AAEC convention cover

March 1983, No 57, Rudy by William Overgard cover
contents: The 15 th Year, Captain Vincible, Museum News, Ed Stein,
Tax Reminders, Grim Natwick, Tribute, Rudy, Rube Goldberg, John Canemaker,
Alfred Andriola, Said & Dunn

June 1984, No. 62, Frank Johnson cover
contents: Humorous Illustration, Olympics Cartoons, Jiggs & Maggie, Snake,
Sacramento Bee, Milton Caniff, The Museum, Advertising, Fenton, Letters, Animation, Funny Femmes

Sept. 1984, No. 63, Rick Veitch illustration cover
contents: Comic Book Artist, The Comic strip UG!, Political Cartoonist, More Answers,
Cartoon Museum, The 'Rose is Rose' strip, Theater Artist, Letters, Disney Nostalgia,
Political Cartoonist, Magazine Cartoons, The 'Elwood' strip, Cabbage Cookbook

Dec. 1984, No. 64, Betty Boop & Felix cover
contents: Betty Boop & Felix, Comics Talk Show, Winners & Losers, Cartoonists Guild,
Comic Book Artist, Winsor McCay, Berry's World, Letters Pages, Newspaper Features Council,
The 'Henry' Strip, AAEC Archivist, Museum Notes, Dick Locher - Editorial, Dick Locher – Dick Tracy

June 1985, No. 66, Yogi Bear & Joe Barbera cover
contents: David Henden, Joe Kubert, Chester Gould, Animation, Kate Palmer,
Illustration, Mort Drucker, Top Cartoonists, Howie, Jimmy Margulies, Hanna-Barbera,
Cartoon Museum, Tom McCormick, Cartoon Class, Hal Foster, Letters

June 1988, No. 78, Frank Evers illustration cover
contents: Ziggy, Beetle Bailey, Frank & Ernest, Mort Drucker, Simple Beasts,
Animation, Cartoon Penguin, BC Statue, Bill Sanders, Hazel, Museum of Cartoon Art,
Joan Browne, Abbie an' Slats

Sept. 1988, No. 79, Doug Marlette/KUDZU cover
contents: Garry Trudeau, Doug Marlette, Kevin Kallaugher, Cartoon Museum,
Reuben Dinner, We Salute, Ask Shagg, Strictly Classified, Cartoonists Assn.,
Bill Brewer, Sam Gross, Bob Bliss

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