Hello Ebay Members, Here is special piece of Folk Art I found at an Antique store while on vaction in Boston last month. I thought the work had some age and was well done. There is writting on the back ( ALFRED, I THINK THE NAME BOB, SOME LETTERS HERE AND THERE, ABCD'S, AND SOMETHING WRITTEN IN PENCIL, HARD TO MAKE OUT ). The condition is very very good. The very end of both wings do have some small chips but all in all not to bad. The piece stands at ( 10''1/2 ) wing tip to wing tip ( 13''1/2 ) thinkness ( 2'' ). I asked the Antique dealer where he got it, He told me an older gent came in several years ago and wanted to sell it, he was from Maine and said that the piece belonged to his dad and he found it in the barn. I think the piece could be somewhere around 100 years old but thats just my guess. If you would like to add to the auction with some good thought out opinions please just email and I will post to the auction. The color is still very good and when held to the nose it gives of a nice old Antique smell. Please ask questions for I do answer quickly. So with that lets get going at $50 dollars and see where that leads. Shipping with Insurance Domestic should stay around $15 dollars and if at the end I find it to be less you will receive a refund for the difference. ( IF YOU LIVE OUTSIDE OF THE U.S.A. PLEASE EMAIL BEFORE ... read more