Carved Faux Ivory Tusk Village in Asia Scene w/ Stand

This is an incredible sculpture of an ancient Asian village scene. The tusk is 30" in length from end to end. It is hollow, but still has some weight to it. As you can see there is amazing detail in this piece. A coral design runs along the length.
There are a few buildings, some people on horseback, various figures... too much to list. I took a number of pictures that show off most of it, but there is certainly more to see.
I have no idea how old this is, what the material is other than it's not ivory, nor where it was made. All I know is that it holds incredible detail and quality and that this is not a recently made item.
The stand is not as intricate and does have some wear. One end of the stand could is loose.
If you have any questions, then please contact me. I am selling this as is, which is why I provided as many pictures and descriptors as possible. Hope it helps!
This will be shipped in a box with secure packaging.