carved Native American Indian Catinite Effigy BUFFALO - Vintage Ethnographic

Artist signed carved Catlinite (red pipestone) pipe bowl and stem. Signed STANDING EAGLE on the bottom of the bowl. Standing Eagle (George Bryan) began making pipes around the mid 1940's, he passed away in the mid 1980's. His father was the first Native American to actually reside in Pipestone and his decendants are still there working the quarry and carving pipes. This pipe was made from the genuine Catlinite from the sacred quarries. EXCELLENT condition with no chips or damage. The 23 1/2" wood handle has a simple bead decoration. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express via Paypal, or payment with a money order or check. We will ship within 24 hours if paid with a money order or Paypal. Payment with a check will delay shipping.