Carved Oak Church Panel St .John the Baptist and Angels

This is a beautiful hand carved oak panel that depicts a Cross and images of John the Baptist, Cherubs and Angels. From the construction of the back, it appears that the piece was used as the front of an alter or pulpit that was rescued from a church that was destroyed by fire. It is 51.5 inches wide, and 55 inches tall. The front is in perfect condition, but the top of the back is slightly charred. Overall, it is in exceptionally good condition, and could be reinstalled in a church or used as a shrine by someone who will appreciate and benefit from its historical and religious significance, or just enjoy its aesthetic beauty. It is signed by the man who carved it, Jan Sowinski. I have tried to learn more about the artist but have found several references that might be him. The first is an American who was born in 1815 who worked primarily as a painter with oil paint on wood. The second reference is to a man who lived most of his life in Poland and was said to have been very active in rebuilding the Churches of Eastern Europe following World War II. The latter is most likely the man who carved this amazing artifact, and it is possible that it was made t and not in the US, but the words of the carver are written in English, so it is very hard to know. I have included a lot of pictures to highlight some of the incredible details,

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