Carved Peach Wood Hair Comb - Swan Carving


· New

· Made of peach wood which has beautiful grains and smooth texture, finished, amazingly detailed professional carving

· The symbolism of peach wood is: having special power to keep away or "ward off" evil spirits, thus it is believed to be able to prevent bad events from happening in the location where it is placed

· Swans are the symbol for peace and tranquility

· Measures 4 3/4 X 2 1/4 inches

· It may also be used for room decoration or woodcarving/art craft collection

· Ships from US and for US delivery only

· It is a wooden craft, minor variations such as color (due to size limitation of peach wood, combination of wood pieces may be used as material), finishing or carving may be seen. Please understand these variations as normal


· Returns are accepted within 14 days after receiving, buyers are refunded when the returned items are received by us in the original condition. Return shipping fee equals to USPS first class or standard shipping cost is also refundable due to the received items are apparently different from our description or shipping damage; for other returns, buyers are responsible for return shipping cost. Please pay attention to the posted pictures and descriptions that we believe to be accurate and honest,
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