Carved wooden head of Satan, Lucifer, the Devil.

This is a very unusual item.

It is a wall plaque representing the Devil, Lucifer, Satan, or whatever name you prefer.

The carving is done in high relief from a single piece of wood which I believe to be oak or some other hardwood as it weighs over a kilo. The carving is very deep and the effect of light on the carving emphasises the diabolical character of the subject.

The following features suggest a diabolical interpretation - horns, Mephistopheles goatee beard, pointed ears, forked tail and the flames of hell perhaps licking above the figures hair. The scroll bears the Roman numerals 75, I don't know the significance of this.

As you can see the design is very skilfully executed and the piece is a wall plaque as it evident from the reverse as it is fillted with suspension chain. The back is covered with a piece of green baize I'm not sure why unless it used to lie flat on something. There is evidence of writing or numbers underneath it. Clearly there are a number of questions over the original and purpose of this piece that we will never know the answer to.

I have no idea how old this is but it is clearly not very recent and I would suggest both that this piece is hand carved from hardwood and that this is a totally unique item. It is a Western European piece, unlike some of the oriental
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