Carved XLarge Bison Red Malachite Bead

Carved Bison Red Malachite Bead N643005 Stone Properties *Stone Name Red Malachite *Overall Dimension 76x50x11 mm (2.992x1.969x0.433 inch )mm *Weight 310 carat

*Locality unknown *Appearance opaque *Color red & off-white band *Mohs Hardness 4.5 *Source Natural *Treatments None *Drilled YES diameter 2.5/36-3/36 inch *Other Names banded jasper

*This Bison bead is handcrafted out of one piece of gemstone Red Malachite .The creative design of each item is based on the stone's natural color and pattern and it demands great craftmenship and patience to complete . This beauty is absolutely a unique center piece for your jewelry design. .


(+) Each step of our Lapidary work is under tight quality control . With the best pattern-color combination possible in mind the initial cut was done by experienced lapidary ... The last-step diamond polishing makes the surface of each bead/cab mirror-like glossy that meet the highest standard possible. Finally only those met all quality requirements are selected.
(+) Pictures are taken under light. Each item is enlarged 3-5 times to display the color and pattern details (some also angled) . Stones with transparent or semi-transparent property display its color mixed with background so we take pictures with both white and black background as your reference.
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