For Sale - One Used Carver PM 1200 1200 Watt RMS Professional Stereo Amplifier.

Two amplifiers are pictured, the amp on the TOP is the one for sale in this auction, the one on the BOTTOM is for sale in another auction.

This particular model was designed from its inception to be a high power concert touring amplifier. The design was in fact a huge success, thousands were in use during the 80's and 90's powering the very largest stadium rock shows. Quite a few sound companies still use them to power regional rock stages, as recently as last year I personally saw quite a few powering Rush's onstage monitors. The power supply uses a groundbreaking design, as a result, the amplifier is a lot lighter than competing Crown amps of similar power, ie the Macro Tech series.

It is fan cooled, and can run all day long at high power. Input is via balanced XLR's and balanced TRS phone jacks. The arrangement allows for multiple amplifiers to be daisy chained together if desired. Unbalanced inputs are also acceptable.

This particular example is in very good cosmetic condition, t is rack rash about the case but it looks fine after being rack mounted, the face is very attractive. The power indicating LEDs all work as they should, providing first rate indication of power output.

Power output is 450 watts rms per
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