CARVER TL-3100 Single Disc CD Player---Outstanding!!

Folks, before considering this auction, please note that we RESPECT THE PRIVACY of our customers----and soon, you may be one! When they bring in items for us to purchase, or when we go to their homes to pick up items, we do NOT pry into their personal lives or habits! We do NOT ask if they Drink, Smoke, Have Children, or Own Pets. And, as we are NOT 'technicians', or a 'repair shop', our ONLY concern is that the item is Working Perfectly. Period. If this is an issue for you, DON'T BID! We'll all be happier! And, of course, PLEASE remember that Payment, via Paypal ONLY, is due within 24 hours! Because of Voltage Requirements, this is for eBay Members registered IN the USA, with a shipping address IN the USA, for use IN the USA. Folks, this is going to be 'short and sweet': You'd be hard-pressed to find another of Bob's CD Players with a better 'Sound'! Period! Produced in the late 80's through the early 90's, this had none of the obtrusive circuitry of his pricier 'bells & whistles' models in the range, which suffered from interference and digital 'nasties' on many recordings. This is, quite simply, a Terrific 'Red Book CD' Player, with Marvelous On-Board DAC's (Digital To Analog Converters), that delivers near Analog Sound without any harshness or edginess. Perfect in EVERY aspect of its operation, this also has excellent cosmetics---just ... read more