Cary Grant's Pig?

Don't know for sure. Perhaps this delightful pig is from Cary Grant's estate, but here's the story:
Bought this at the San Diego Goodwill Store around 2001 where I served as the Human Services Director. The store staff told us "This was donated from the estate of a local woman from near-by Point Loma (The old-money part of San Diego) who had a large collection of items from movie stars. They tried to sell it, apparently, and the label on the bottom of the pig says "$98.50 From the Estate of Cary Grant " That same label is still on the pig. We walked in the store during a break one day, and just like any other customer paid for her. I think it was $65 that we gave at the Rosecrans Store in downtown San Diego.
It may or may not be Cary's whimsical pig, but we've had a lot of fun over the years telling people the story of finding this in San Diego, from the estate of a woman who collected movie-star things. The store staff thought it was authentic, but none of us have checked the actual provenance to declare it, for sure, from Mr. Grant's estate. It's been worth it to me just to think it might be true,
Cary's daughter is still with us, so you may want to ask her.
What we know for sure is we're not making up anything about this.
It is from Point Loma, in San Diego, and was purchased at the Goodwill Rosecrans Blvd.
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