Casdon Childs Toy Cash Register Till Vintage 1970s

Casdon Childs Toy Cash Register
This is a vintage 1970s toy cash register/till made by Casdon. Made from plastic it stands approx 7" (18cm) high and is in very good working order. The cash tryay springs open when the brown button is pressed and each of the push smaller buttons smoothly operates each price tag. There are white buttons for £1 / 50p / 40p / 30p / 20p and 10p and yellow buttons for 5p / 4p / 3p / 2p /1p / and 1/2p. A red button signifies a 'no sale' and the till is operated by a brown button on the right hand side. On the lower left hand side there is a sliding door to accommodate a paper till role (not present).
The toy is in very good condition with no cracks or splits.
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