Greetings Case knife fans. After years of buying case knives off e-bay itâe(tm)s about time to start selling some of my collection. I will be offering for bid some fine Classics, Limited Edition Sets, Hunting Knives, Commemorative Sets , and many other hard to find Knives. None are new, most are from the early 90âe(tm)s and before. I plan to put up about 5 listings a week for bid for the next several weeks or months. If you are a case fan go ahead and add me to your favorite sellers!

Up for bid is a beautiful collection set of BARLOWS produced by CASE in 1992. The knives in this set are:

1- 71009-- Genuine Birds Eye Maple

1- 52009&half--Genuine India Stag

1- BH2009&half--Genuine Water Buffalo Horn

1- BW61009--Burnt Second Cut Bone

Three of these handle materials are not usually associated with Barlow knives. The master blade on each knife is tang stamped CASE XX BRADFORD PA. 19USA92. The pattern # is also tang stamped on the reverse side of the one blade pattern and on the second blade of the two blade pattern. Serial # 355 along with a long tailed C is etched on the masters. CASE XX is stamped on the bolster in bold lettering. The blades are stainless. The liners and pins are brass.

This collection is housed in a genuine American Walnut display box. Inside the lid
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